There are so many ways to relate to Yoga and translate this beautiful ancient knowledge to our modern everyday life. Isn`t it incredible it has survived over 5000 years and is still here to support and nourish us?


In our beautiful and peaceful Studio we offer:



Here you can feel spaciousness around you and within you. The classes are designed to be suitable for all levels, shapes and sizes. 

We encourage your body to return to balance adding a pinch of a healthy challenge for your strength and plenty of motivation from me. 

I said ‘we’ because I will be right next to you and we will experience the class together.

Thursdays 9.30 – 10.30am

Booking is essential.


Are you needing time and space just for you? This is the ultimate ‘me time’.

There are many reason to choose a 1-to-1 Class. I am here to listen, understand and make a plan how we can move together and support your body and mind.

Available Thursdays 10.30am – 2.30pm

Caroline Layzell

Caroline is a passionate yoga teacher and teacher trainer who loves to share her learnings through playful and creative, anatomy informed flows, helping yogis to move with purpose and awareness. Her goal is to empower yogis through her love of functional movement, nervous system and brain health to a place of wellness both on and off the mat.


Caroline came to yoga from an athletic and competitive running background with a desire to better understand her body after the continued injuries from various long distance and track running events. She loves sharing her knowledge in an easy to understand way sprinkled throughout her classes so that her students leave having learnt something new about their body and state of wellbeing.


Yoga is a great way to revive your staff and makes a good team building experience. These yoga classes are tailored to the needs and common issues which are experienced in office work such as back and posture related pain. Shift the sedentary sludge to flowing productivity. 

We can use a mat, a chair, a yoga block or none of these and simply encourage a gentle refreshing movement for body and mind. We can provide a tailored class to suit your employee’s needs and availability. 


Please do contact Caroline  our teacher if you would like to have a chat with her before you book in with us.




One to One (60 mins)


Yoga Classes


Yoga Classes (Block of five)


Yoga Classes (Block of ten)


Please call us for more details on pricing 01392 428141 or simply book online today

Make your own class. Contact us if you and 5 friends or work colleagues would like a regular class for your health and wellbeing. This would be tax deductible for your business. Ask your employer about the annual £50 wellbeing allowance from the government.

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