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Yoga for health

August 2, 2022

Yoga is an effective way to improve your flexibility and strength. It naturally improves posture with focus on core strength and movement that helps to balance the body and mind.

As a result you can expect to have more stamina to get more out of your day. Improved circulation, energy levels, less injury and enhanced motivation can all be experienced with regular practice.

Breath work included in yoga can aid the efficiency of your breathing and help you to focus on a more enjoyable practice of exercise. The movements are low impact on the joints and can help release areas that are persistently bothersome.

Meditation is a brilliant way to de-stress and restore energy.

Benefits of joining a class

With a friendly and sociable class you can develop friendships and sense of community.

It is a great way to learn. Our small classes (max 6ppl) allow us to adapt the teaching to suit your individual ability and level.
Your motivation will be greatly enhanced as you progress, something that online classes do not offer.
Having the opportunity to interact, ask questions and receive more help from the teacher leading the class means you get the most out of your practice.
Benefits of 1-2-1’s

One on one sessions with a yoga teacher are perfect for those new to yoga or looking to advance their practice.
As a bespoke service you will get all the help and professional guidance on how to get the most out of your practice and improve. Every body is different, we look at your alignment, strengths and weaknesses with a holistic and yogic approach to help you reach your goals.

Call us today to talk about which option is right for you on 01392 428141 or book online.