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What are the best things to do after a workout?

August 2, 2022

Chloe Sikiniotis, Yoga Teacher, Personal Trainer and Massage Therapist gives us her insights in what you would do after a workout to stay healthy and well.
Post Workout

1. Rehydrate

It’s a simple restoration of water burnt off during exercise and is number 1 on the list. Warm water with lemon is nice after a morning workout if you have not eaten much.

2. Wrap up

Especially at this time of year keep your muscles warm after a gym or yoga session.

3. Stretch

Now you are warm its a great time to stretch off the main muscle groups that you have worked .

4. Reflect

How do you feel? Was this a great work out which energised you or do you feel rough? It is good to start an exercise journal to see what exercises and when feel good. We are all different and will prefer different schedules and timings. Write down some fitness goals that are easy to measure, inch off the waist or a best time for a run

5. Gratitude

Be grateful for your body and the ability to move in the way you have just done. Be grateful for your health and wellbeing. Take pride in your successes and progress.

6. Eat

Be sure to nourish your body with health giving foods after a work out. High quality protein is great to help muscle recovery in the form of meat or eggs. Sugar is fine if you have done a higher intensity work out as blood sugars will be low. Avoid eating too much for two hours before exercise if you can.

7. Plan

Plan your next session based on your journal, goals and listening to your body’s needs.

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