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Mariana Paladi
5 stars

I had a lower back pain for 10 years and I’ve tried everything (massage, acupuncture, chiropractors, yoga, etc) but nothing ever helped. After the first appointment with Eduardo my back was sorted, I could walk again and I had no pain. I was surprised by his professionalism and by his approach to the problem, it is something that no one did before. I 100% recommend Eduardo.
Thank you 🙏.

Sam Nicholls
5 stars

Magdalen Health is a hub of expertise and professional wellbeing practitioners, who offer exemplary massage and health based treatments, in a expert method.

M. Colville
5 stars

The treatments I have received from Martha have really helped my neck condition and reduced the pain and discomfort I was experiencing during driving. She is very calm and releases all my back muscles making breathing easier. I trust her completely.

Ben Mitchell
5 stars
Been using magalan health for a while now as i have back problems and working on ambulances i need to look after myself. Honestly they are brilliant, they really like to get to the route of the problem and Amandine really is brilliant i would recommend her or anyone there BIG thumbs up 👍

Anders Ormsby
5 stars
Toby is a miracle magician man. I’d been in a lot of pain for years. Couldn’t go from sitting to standing quickly or easily. He solved it in ONE session! No-one else could solve it after LOTS of sessions. The contrast in life post-Toby is so amazing. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

Karen Macmillan
5 stars
Phil is an excellent coach. I was introduced to him in the spring as I was looking to improve my running and have some structure to it. I am a slower runner and my goal is to feel stronger in races and have more confidence in my own running.

Phil takes the time to understand your goals and get to know you as a person. He has given structure to my running and is there to support throughout with continuous feedback, contact and encouragement.

The Wednesday evening running group is fun, varied and open to runners of all abilities.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Phil, It’s a privilege to be coached by someone who has achieved so many sporting achievements himself. Thank you.

Stephen McShane
5 stars
With Phil’s help I have managed to break that cycle of enthusiastic over-training, injury and despondency! Phil quickly assessed what I needed, my strengths, and the areas I could develop. I know what my goals are. I have a clear plan how I am going to reach them. I am enjoying running and I am getting better.

Johnny F
5 stars

I have been working with Phil Wylie to take me from a 55 year old unstructured runner to a marathon ready runner. His coaching, structured support and “pick me ups” when it all went wrong has been outstanding. Planning my training to fit around my work (my biggest worry) has given me the confidence and ability to get to my sub 4hr 30 target.
I would absolutely recommend Phil to anyone who wants to develop their running ability no matter the level of capability!

Hannah Baxter-Freeman
5 stars
My newborn was suffering terribly with colic after a traumatic birth. I took him to see Daniel and was very impressed with the results, he must have the magic touch. My son is now a much happier, calmer baby. Thank you Daniel.

Courtney Lomas
5 stars
Met with Daniel after a recommendation when my little girl was suffering with colic. It was like I took a different baby home, she was relaxed, content and slept through the night! I really couldn’t talk highly enough of Daniel and the treatment he provided! Thank you!!

Kim Algar
5 stars
I had been experiencing chronic pain due to spasms from a twisted pelvis. Being self-employed, I needed to get back in the driving seat asap. Toby at Exeter Osteopaths helped me with the quick result I needed as I was able to drive and back to work within 10 days; therefore I would highly recommend Exeter Osteopaths.

Mark Lockwood
5 stars
I have suffered 7 years with a agonising pain. Dr. Visit after Dr. Visit and no help. I was referred to the practise through an specialist Dr.
The results have been nothing short of a miracle. I n a very very short time 2 visits I 75 percent of the pain was gone and after the third visit I was pain free!
The people are fantastic who loom after you and obviously know there stuff. I highly recommend anyone to use them.
My wife had been suffering after falling and she is now on the road to full recovery due to these people.
I can not sing their praises enough.

Kelly Dugan
5 stars
Dan used cranial osteopathy to work wonders with my little boy’s sleep patterns. He has always been extremely professional but showed understanding and compassion towards a wriggly baby! I will continue to take my son to see Dan on a regular basis to reap the benefits of the excellent treatments provided. Thanks Dan, you’re a lifesaver!

Sharron Retter-Hyde
5 stars
Thank you Toby for putting a spring back in my step! I’m looking forward to working with you to help with the recovery of my back. You’re fabulous!

Luana Erin
5 stars
After having consistent pain in my neck and shoulders for over a year and having to adapt my life accordingly, I finally went to see Dan. Dan is very knowledgable and has helped immensely to ease the tension and improve the pain. I have finally been able to get back to doing the activities I enjoy without being in pain, his treatment has simply changed my life! Dan, as well as the lovely receptionists, have all been very welcoming and professional, I always look forward to my appointments. Also their COVID-19 measures make you feel very safe.

Fiona Reynolds
5 stars
Amazing! my husband is like a different person now he’s not in pain. thanks Toby

Jos Bean
5 stars
Been working with Toby and his team since 2004! I live with a chronic pain condition that can be debilitating, but with the help of excellent hands on therapies I enjoy I full adventurous active life. So grateful to practiitioners like Toby, Dan and team who provide more empowering support than any doctor, surgery, medication was able to offer.

S Bourn
5 Stars
Brilliant Osteopaths, thought the aches and pains were down to old age but after a few visits with Daniel feel years younger, able to bend , turn kneel etc….very highly recommended !!!!