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Pain under your foot? It might be plantar fasciitis

March 2, 2023


Plantar Fasciitis


What Is it?

A common condition which is caused when the soft tissue on the sole of your foot becomes inflamed. The pain can be present anywhere from the toes to more commonly the heel of the foot, although can affect anywhere in between. This can cause immense pain when you stand up or take those first few steps after being sedentary. 

What triggers it?

  • Poor fitting shoes
  • Inflammatory conditions 
  • Carrying extra weight 
  • Either high arches or the opposite and being flat footed
  • Excessive running or walking on hard surfaces 


  • If you are carrying some extra weight, steadily losing a little bit will be a huge benefit. 
  • Correctly fitting shoes whether you be a long a distance runner or a nurse who’s on their feet a lot, getting good quality correctly fitting shoes would make a massive difference in the recovery and the prevention going forward. 
  • Freezing a water bottle and rolling your foot over it when you are sat down in the evening can be a huge help.


Having Osteopathic treatment for plantar fasciitis is beneficial. Your osteopath will get to the bottom of why you are susceptible and if there is anything you can change in your lifestyle to prevent reoccurrence. Massage and mobilisation of the foot and lower leg to improve the muscles and biomechanics help the recovery too. Sometimes there are problems higher up the body, usually the lower back or pelvis which when resolved can really help.

You will  be sent away with some ‘homework’ and some stretches to get to the root cause of the issue.


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If the pain is very persistent we are investing in a ‘Shock Wave’ Therapy machine. Please see our blog coming soon which will tell you more about it. Shock wave therapy has proven benefits for people suffering with plantar fasciitis.