Shock Wave Therapy Now Available

Shockwave Therapy & How It Works


Mechanical pulses are directed through the tissues these disturb the affected site by producing a mild inflammatory response thus initiating the body natural healing response.

The therapy targets your injured tissue with specifically calibrated shockwaves which create tiny cavitation bubbles in the tissues which then burst and stimulate blood flow, stem cell activity and release pain reducing enzymes in the treated area. The application of shockwaves gives pain relief after treatment as well as stimulating long-term tissue normalisation and regeneration. 


It does not give any shocks to the body the name “shockwave” refers to the acoustic pulses that form shocks within the tissues.



Conditions which can be treated:

Plantar Fascia pain (sole of the foot)

Achilles tendon pain

Golfer’s elbow

Tennis elbow

Pain in kneecaps

Hip pain, (Greater trochanteric pain syndrome or outer hip pain)

Shoulder tendonitis (rotator cuff or subacromial pain syndrome)

Hamstring Pain

Kneecap pain, (Patella tendinopathy or jumper’s knee)

Frozen Shoulder

Lower back pain

Fast and effective shockwave therapy treatment at Magdalen Health.

Shockwave therapy is an effective, non-invasive treatment of injured soft tissues, specifically tendon and fascia when an injury reaches a chronic non-healing state.
A safe alternative to surgery or steroid and other treatment injections, shockwave therapy is clinically proven to stimulate metabolic reactions.
As experienced Registered Osteopaths we are approved providers of shockwave therapy for the treatment of common musculo-skeletal conditions.

 A full clinical assessment of your condition is necessary to identify whether shockwave therapy is an appropriate intervention. If appropriate, a course of shockwave therapy is typically 4-6 sessions, each a week apart along with advice on management and rehab exercises.

We have the highest quality MASTERPULS MP100 shockwave machine at Magdalen Health . This is a very high specification machine that much of the scientific evidence supporting shockwave therapy is based on.