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Osteopathy in the desert!

August 2, 2022

Jenny Doe – Osteopath & Adventurer
Osteopathy in the desert

14 October at 00:20:
What an incredible week, Ultra-X Jordan 2019 testing the limits of what the human body and mind can achieve. Nearly 80 runners covering 250km over 5 days in the furnace of the Wadi Rum desert in Jordan.

Myself and other Osteopaths from @osteo_adventures armed with sharp elbows and miles of tape were available predawn before every start, at each checkpoint along the way, and ready and waiting at the finish, working well into each night with headtorches to treat every runner that wanted our help.

We worked alongside Doctors from @exilemedics with their ninja blister lancing skills and persuasive water/salt management advice.

The runners pitted themselves against relentless heat, searing sun, sand stretching to all horizons, and the toughest battle of all…mastering their minds. It takes bravery and courage to put a toe on the start line of this event, let alone conquer and tame dark creeping thoughts that can appear for hours on end…and then to repeat it 4 more times knowing what lies ahead!

All devilishly dreamed up and made possible by @mrjamiesparks and @hewardsam, held together by the amazing and cheerful @ultraxco crew, and documented beautifully by @benedict_tufnell and @davies_sam.

To the runners, you show to yourselves and the rest of the world just what the human spirit is capable of. Thank you for giving me an unforgettable experience belonging to this awesome temporary tribe.

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