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Frozen Shoulder? What is that?

February 21, 2023

  Frozen Shoulder

This condition can cause a lot of pain over quite a long period of time. It is caused by adhesions/scar tissue within the shoulder that restricts the arm moving properly. A true frozen shoulder is when you can’t move it by yourself and the same restrictions are there when the practitioner tries to move it.

Risk Factors
Women are twice as likely to get this condition over men
Ages 40-60 are most likely to get this condition however it can affect younger and older
Previous injury and trauma also makes individuals more susceptible

The Stages
FREEZING STAGE – The first and most painful stage, range of movement gradually starts to go as pain levels increase as it works towards the next stage – can last anywhere between 2-6 months

FROZEN STAGE – The shoulder at this point has lost all the movement, when you do it yourself and when a practitioner tries as well (usually relatively easy to diagnose because of this), pain levels are relatively stable within this stage – can last anywhere between 6 months – year

THAWING STAGE – The movement will gradually return, exercises and stretches will become gradually easier. This is quite a long process before the joint returns back to the normal full range of movement – can be anywhere between 6months to a year and half.