Sarah Flower, Nutritional therapist

Sarah works as a nutritionist, author of 20 books and appears regularly in national press and local radio. Specialising in nutritional medicine for a range of conditions including diabetes, insulin resistance, IBS, PCOS, migraines, hormone imbalances, fatigue and weight loss.

Sarah also offers allergy testing and food intolerance testing, which can help identify triggers that can cause a multitude of health problems from migraines, IBS, eczema, bloating, itchy skin, fatigue, weight gain, low mood and depression. Health& medicalscreeningto access your health and wellness as well as hormones, heart health, thyroid health, adrenals and nutrition, liver health and more.

Sarah’s very down-to-earth, practical approach to all nutritional programmes has formed the backbone to her busy clinic, offering practical solutions to key problems, weight management, health education, as well as recipes, shopping tips, and lifestyle advice. ‘It is really important to make all new diet regimes real for every client – spending time not just on the programme, but also on the practical application, helping them gain confidence ensures the best results’.

Sarah appears in national news regularly, writing for the Daily Mail, Healthista, Top Sante and more. She is a regular on her local BBC radio (BBC Radio Devon), advising and responding to any food and health news. She also runs workshops and seminars on healthy eating, diabetes, weight loss and sugar reduction.

Contact: 07545 287 816

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