Myofascial Release

What is it?

Myofascial release is a hands-on bodywork treatment to restore functional movement, postural alignment and general well-being, enabling the body to function efficiently.

Fascia is a 3D web-like substance that covers everything throughout the entire body; muscles, organs, bones, nerves etc.  Its function is to help support each structure as well as preventing friction between them. It can easily be damaged physically and mentally as it is known to store trauma and emotional pain as well as any physical blockages.

Myofascial release (also known as MFR) is a set of techniques that are designed to help release these fascial blockages; tightness and adhesions in particular, by stretching and elongating the fascial tissue to release these restrictions, therefore enabling muscles and joints to function efficiently.

Myofascial Release

What should I expect?

The first treatment session will involve a consultation and a body reading. This is an assessment to measure the body’s range of movement, posture and symmetry to identify potential areas of restriction and imbalance within the body.

Following the reading, the treatment takes place with the client lying on the massage table with minimal clothing worn. Unlike traditional massage treatments, massage oils aren’t generally used and instead of using firm pressure to manipulate the soft tissues, a gentle sustained pressure is applied to release the fascia instead.

Treatment sessions typically last an hour.

Myofascial Release

What are the benefits of Myofascial Release?

Immediately following a treatment, the client may feel a sense of overall relaxation as well as reduced pain, increased ease of motion as well as a greater range of movement.

MFR can successfully treat;

Back pain

Neck pain


Sports injuries


Pelvic pain

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