Our Recent Changes to Keep You Safe When Visiting Us

April 29, 2020 by admin
Pre Reception Waiting Room Exit
Triage – using defined forms

·         General medical history / update

·         General Health – clarification of status

·         Treatment desired/requested/continued

·         Risk assess and define  consultation route face to face/ telehealth/ wait

·         Impart information on how the clinic is run

Entrance: waiting room / wait in car

PPE: patient and staff

Payment: online/ telephone

Marked social distancing areas

Clinical treatment : what to expect

Exit and rebooking

Gap between pt- clean down 10 mins


·         Avoid use if possible for more than one surgery

·         Surgery 2 – wait in car

·         Surgery 3 – access via rear

·         Minimal set up- remove all magazines, drinks ( lidded water for hydration in kitchen in emergency)

·         Hand sanitiser

·         Window open ( if possible)

·         Cleaning rota between patients ( chairs , floor, PPE collection station, all surfaces)


·         Addition masks and tissues available

·         Exit of patient protocol

·         Next appointment made in clinical room to avoid unnecessary congestion at reception

Staff entrance and exit
·         Separate entrance for staff at beginning of day

·         Wash hands

·         Remove clothes and don on clinical clothes – defined area

·         PPE check

·         Run all water outlets  (2 mins)

Arrival Clinical Room End of Session/Day
·         Stagger appointments

·         Alcohol hand sanitiser- patient clean hands

·         Mask for patient

·         Temperature recording

·         Mask for reception

·         Verbally confirm receipt of information via triage process day before

·         Following triage – Patient consent to treatment

·         Cling film cover for card machine

·         Payment via zoning if not done before hand. Email receipts

·         Direct referral avoid waiting room

·         Email treatment plans

·         No air conditioning/ windows open

·         Clutter free surfaces – wiped clean

·         Distance between patient and clinician chair

·         PPE used by clinical staff

·         Training on taking on and off PPE visible

·         Training on identifying covid – 19 visible

·         Zoning: clean to dirty

·         Increased waste management: segregated waste- 72 hours and washed 60  deg

·         Windows open if possible

·         No paper notes / covered if necessary

·         Remove treatment chair covering – place in clinical waste

·         If towels used remove and place in dirty / reusable waste

·         Wipe ( non alcohol treatment chair and pillow cover)

·         Zoning area

·         Wipe ( chloride base) surfaces from clean to dirty

·         Wipe arms of patient chair

·         ( end of session) remove all waste from clinical room.

·         Remove PPE

·         Clean hands

We aim to provide immediate relief from unnecessary aches and pains through a variety of treatments; enabling you to live a more active, healthy and pain-free life.

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