International Duathlete Phil Wylie

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Phil Wylie

GB Elite V40 Duathlete

Jeanette Mcfadzean gets the inside track from Elite Athlete Phil Wylie about what’s ahead for the him this year and why he uses Magdalen Active Health to get him ‘up, fit and, active’.

To be in the presence of anyone that can run a 2:33 marathon is an awe-inspiring experience. To sit, chat, drink coffee and listen to their journey is awesome.

Exeter’s Magdalen Road is the home of some great coffee shops, French butchers, bohemian cafes and a health hub that treats many clients one of them being Phil Wylie, Great Britain Elite Duathlete: Run- Bike -Run

So what makes: a Gold World Champion team medalist, 2 times individual Bronze medalist- European Championship and a 4th placed World Champion?

In 1998, aged 20, Phil worked in a gym yet he couldn’t swim 2 lengths without gasping for breath. He couldn’t understand how he appeared fit and healthy yet all the other guys were smashing out great times in Duathalon events. ‘I thought how hard can it be?’, he says. ‘It really wasn’t’. Starting slow, he built it up bit by bit and then by 2006 he registered as a competing athlete.

13 years of competitive training across the disciplines of running

and cycling must take its toll. How have you managed?

‘I used to live near Bath and train out of the University but in 2013 I moved to the southwest and in doing so I lost that support structure of physios, conditioning coaches etc. I was preparing for the worlds and I’d picked up a niggle. My mother had previously used an Osteopath and so I had some understanding of what they do. I did tons of research and I was drawn to Toby (One of the directors of Magdalen Active Health) as an experience Osteopath who understood sports in both men and woman.’

So how was that first experience with Toby?

‘What I found comforting was that Toby understood I was training for an important event. He didn’t say no, or stop. He gave me a clear direction: 3 treatments would be required, I would need a range of treatments such as- manipulation, dry needling and massage, I would be right for the worlds. When someone does that for you they give you reassurance and confidence’.

So how did it work out?

‘With session one and two there was some improvement. I was concerned but Toby reassured me. 5 days after the third session all the discomfort had gone. 6-8 weeks later I got my 4th place in the World championship, 20 secs off the Bronze medal. I was gutted but it was a great result. 3 months later I got a Bronze at the Europeans.

That’s such an achievement. But how do you find training at this level for so many years?

‘I love what I do, I work with a charity that supports kids to participate in support and I enjoy training outside this. There’s no funding so it’s difficult but I’ve no desire to stop at the elite level. I’ve started to mix things up a bit recently by running the Tavi 7 ( 1st place and course record) and the Bideford 10 miles. It’s important as you get older to rest , recover, get more treatment and strength and conditioning.

Toby’s changed his approach as I’ve changed as an athlete. There’s no ego, he’s encouraged me to use the whole team at Magdalen Active Health. I’ve seen Esmee for acupuncture, Dan for a different approach to my treatment, Jenny for Sports massage. That’s what’s great and unique about Magdalen Active Health; they create a bespoke solution for you, around your life and your expectations’.

So you’d really recommend them ?

‘I use them for maintenance and now my wife, mother and son also use them. My son had a dairy

intolerance and was delivered by c- section. Dan treated him really successfully.’

That’s amazing Phil so what’s next for you?

‘A goal of a sub 2:20 marathon, top 5 position in the worlds and a sub 66.5 mins for a half marathon’.

Maybe an English vest for you there then?

‘That would be great fun! ‘

It was a great to chat and to be inspired by a hard working guy, with a busy life, work, family and love for his sport. We all wish him the very best for next season and hopefully he has inspired a few of us to get our running.

If you feel you could benefit from treatment by the team at Magdalen Active Health then please contact them on 01392 428141 to book an appointment. 1 Fairpark Road, Exeter EX2 4HL.


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