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February 12, 2019 by admin
This Valentine’s day choose to love your body!
“The greatest risk [of an early death] was in those classed inactive, and that was consistent in normal weight, overweight and obese people,”

Everyone needs to exercise and MOVE regardless of whether they are trying to maintain healthy weight or not.

We have seen many clients who’s natural metabolism and diet keep their weight within a healthy range but on the exercise front they do very little. So many clients have computer bound desk jobs and we see the effects of inactivity walking through our practice doors every day. Possibly two of the most common things that we Osteopaths treat are:

1) Injury and or pain from the wrong type of movements

2) injury and or pain from lack of movement.

Lack of movement is a huge issue for most desk workers. There are roughly 360 joints in the human body. Where there is a joint there was intended to be movement. There are muscles and ligaments that surround the joint which enable and control the movement.

Do the wrong type of movements and you can damage and inflame the joint, ligaments and or muscles. Do limited or no movement at that joint and it will become stiff and surrounding ligaments and muscles can become stiff and weak making the area sore and stiff and primed for an injury. Sitting all day in an office chair or driving for hours on end both lead to stiff joints, sore, stiff and tight muscles that give neck pain, back pain and headaches. It becomes really easy for people who have been sedentary for long periods to do injury themselves doing seemingly simple movements when they get up away from the office chair/out of the car.

If you are in a sedentary job you need to look for ways to get more movement into your joints over the course of the day and ways to keep your muscles flexible and strong.

Here are some simple tips to get you moving more in your day:

1) 20 minute walk before, after or during a break at work.
2) Leave the building at least once during the day.
3) Use stairs where possible.
4) Frequents breaks from the desk/car where you can get up and move around.
5) Frequent stretches (even stretches at your desk/sat in traffic can help!)
6) Make sure your work station/car seat is set up as best as it can be
7) Warm up/cool down movements before or after sport, run, work-out session.
8) Less screen time at home (don’t let the box sets suck you in!)
9) Active weekends – These can be FUN!

Show your body some love by moving more!

by Jenny Doe, registered Osteopath
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