Osteopathy and Pregnancy

November 26, 2018 by admin

Commonly problems that occur during pregnancy are the result of changes in the shape of the lower back and the increased load of carrying the baby. This can also put pressure on other joints such as the hips and knees which can lead to wear and tear.

Osteopathic treatment is proven to be effective to relieve lower back strain and to relieve arthritic pain in the hips and knees. It can also improve circulation. Mechanical strain on the neck and upper back and related headaches may also be helped by our treatment.

Examination and treatment:

Every patient undergoes a unique examination process. This begins with an extensive case history and an obstetric case history to see if she is suitable for treatment in this way. Then, following the physical examination, she may be offered osteopathic treatment when appropriate. If in doubt always consult your medical practitioner first.


  • Take particular care when lifting and carrying especially lifting or carrying other children. Do not carry a small child on one hip for any length of time.
  • If you stand for any length of time, keep your bottom ‘tucked’ in to reduce strain on the lower part of your spine and maintain equal weight on both legs. Sit down when dressing to avoid standing on one leg.
  • When sitting, adopt a good sitting posture that supports your back, thighs and feet, use a cushion for support and don’t sit with your legs crossed.
  • When lying on your side, place a pillow under the ‘bump’ and a pillow between your knees to provide support. When lying on your back, place pillows beneath your knees to keep them bent.
  • Keep your knees together when getting in or out of the car, turning in bed and getting in or out of bed.

Wear good shoes to support and protect your foot arch.

We aim to provide immediate relief from unnecessary aches and pains through a variety of treatments; enabling you to live a more active, healthy and pain-free life.

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