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Q: Can you give me some exercises to strengthen my back?

A: The back is already a strong structure. Although you are experiencing pain in the low back it does not mean that it is weak or liable to further injury. Most back pain stems from an overstrain where the supporting mechanisms such as the upper back and the hips are not functioning correctly and therefore placing more strain on the low back. If we focus on working on our areas of prime movement like the mid spine, hips and feet our stabilizing areas such as the low back can focus on providing the support for the upper and lower torso.

Q: I have terrible hayfever at the moment, any advice?

A: Having hayfever myself, I know how debilitating it can be. I offer the same advice that is online such as changing clothes after being outside, wearing sunglasses, Vaseline on the nostrils to prevent the pollen entering the nasal passages. Also I tend to have 2 cold showers a day and reduce the intake of sugar. With hayfever the body is heating up and like a bee sting inflammation builds up within the tissues, so we need to bring down the body’s temperature and reduce the possibility of inflammation which sugar can also do. The two cold showers are harsh to begin with! But within a few days you will begin to see the benefits.

Q: I have bought some new trainers as I have been told I over pronate, I am still having problems when running, what could it be?

A: Most people over pronate. What that means is, when the heel strikes the floor, the foot will flatten to provide a stable base to continue walking or running. What happens then is that the foot should supinate or roll out so that can prepare the body for the next stage of movement. The issue is not whether you over pronate but whether you can sufficiently supinate afterwards. If that is a problem and you are stuck in pronation, exercises and treatment can help to get you to a more balanced level.

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