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50 years ago the NHS was set up to combat certain diseases such as polio and typhoid. Now these diseases have be eradicated in the western world. So, why is the NHS bursting its seams? Well, forward 50 years, what is the biggest issue with the NHS now? The answer is obesity, diabetes and an ageing population. The age issue is due to the miracle of modern medicine which is letting people living longer. The former two are due to lack of exercise, poor diet and increased stress levels in our lives.


So, how should we live our lives? What is the perfect way we should live? What creates longevity?

I had grandparents that lived well into their ninety’s. What was their secrete for living a healthy life?

I have come up with five elements for a long healthy life-


  • Exercise
  • Eating a balanced diet & drinking in moderation
  • Stress
  • Sleep
  • Happiness/love


Exercise- Very important the cardiovascular system stays strong, helps keep weight down and strengthens bones and muscles which help recover from injuries and illnesses quicker. Being overweight causes huge stress to the body’s structure.


Diet- In the old days, there were not  any takeaways. Food was freshly bought every day and there wasn’t any overeating in general, therefore we had a basic diet. Eating fresh food of seasonal meat and vegetables, and staying away from takeaways and processed foods and more importantly don’t over eat. Drink in moderation, see government guidelines on drinking and stick to it.


Stress-  There are lots of forms of stress which are detrimental to your health, but there are good forms of stress which make the body stronger such as exercise. Poor stress increases blood pressure, affects sleep and causes irritations to the skin and gut.


Sleep- Very important for recovery of general wellbeing, lack of sleep causes poor decision making and poor recovery of the body’s tissues and therefore recovery from injury.


Happiness- Very important for feeling great, either through your other half, friends or work colleagues or you do things that make you happy. You hang around with positive people not negative people to feel great. If you don’t, over a period of time this will affect your wellbeing.


So, what does this have to do with osteopathy? Osteopathy is a holistic treatment. We look at the cause of your symptoms, we like to look at the bigger picture of what is causing your complaints. So when we do a case history and chat to you during treatments, we are hopefully finding out more about what could be the main cause or causes of your symptom or symptoms. The above gives us a huge amount of information of giving us clues of what could be going on in your life and can then help us help you.


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